4 06 2010

AAHH!! This whole spending hiatus bites the big one! It is like the minute extra purchases are off limits, is the minute you find everything you can not live without.

So I will be starting THE LIST of shit I really want to buy when I end this self imposed hiatus.

First item up for consideration…

Found while catching up on the goods in my Google Reader from another blog I regularly read stalk.  Thank you Slynnro for giving me the first lust item that I seriously tried to justify as a neccessity just to purchase them this afternoon.  And I am not joking when I say I tried to justify…my boss walked by and had to have heard me talking to myself and saying, “but I have 4 shirts these would go with and 2 dresses and I would wear them everywhere I promise”. To make matter worse, I have to go pick up some alterations at Nordstrom this afternoon and knowing my luck these will be front and center in my line of sight.  These next two months are going to be a bitch. 


I’ll Get You My Pretties

26 05 2010

Ok, WAY to many serious posts.  Time for a little retail lusting. 

Up for consideration of what I would blow money on if I had the guts and the bank account to do it. 


Now, back to reality, these will cost about two months of my new car payment.  Yep, they will be a lust after shoe unless anyone wants to donate to the cause??? Yea, didn’t think so.  Anway, if you are interested in showing me up and actually buying them, they can be found here.