Kitchen Pretties

21 07 2010

I was trying to be productive at work clean my Reader at work and ran across these tea towels featurd on Design*Sponge.  Not sure how much I would use them for their intended purposes but I would love to try and make an art project out of these and frame them for the kitchem.  

Available here


Thank You But I Respectively Decline

12 06 2010

No shopping trip with the girls for me today.  I am not a big group shopping person.  I would rather go out and shop on my own and not feel obligated to buy something because a friend says it looks good on you.  When in actuality, you know they are saying it looks good just because they don’t wan’t to buy it but they sure want to borrow it.  No thanks.  Even if shopping hiatus was not going on, I still wouldn’t go.

Instead, I am going to post another installment of the Lust List!

1.  With the oppressive heat I am dealing with right now, I am almost 100% wearing dresses or skirts. This dress I absolutely love! This would be a perfect work dress on days when I have no clients, paired with a cardigan and a cute pair of flats.

Dress from Anthrogologie

2.  I work in an very conservative industry and even though I push the barrier I still have my fair share of black and gray in my closet.  I would love to add this as a summer option.  I love the embellishment on the top as a way to get it away from the all gray.

Dress from Nordstrom

3.  I am a history buff and an old movie buff.  I love the look of clothes from the 50’s and 60’s.  I always love a full skirt that swirls around and makes you feel like a girl going to an afternoon tea…or a martini lunch.  So this dress caught me.  I love checking out ModCloth every few days just to see what they have.  They add inventory daily and there is always something new.  Granted, some of the stuff I have to just say WTF who would wear that, but every now and then a few gems appear.

Dress found at ModCloth


4 06 2010

AAHH!! This whole spending hiatus bites the big one! It is like the minute extra purchases are off limits, is the minute you find everything you can not live without.

So I will be starting THE LIST of shit I really want to buy when I end this self imposed hiatus.

First item up for consideration…

Found while catching up on the goods in my Google Reader from another blog I regularly read stalk.  Thank you Slynnro for giving me the first lust item that I seriously tried to justify as a neccessity just to purchase them this afternoon.  And I am not joking when I say I tried to justify…my boss walked by and had to have heard me talking to myself and saying, “but I have 4 shirts these would go with and 2 dresses and I would wear them everywhere I promise”. To make matter worse, I have to go pick up some alterations at Nordstrom this afternoon and knowing my luck these will be front and center in my line of sight.  These next two months are going to be a bitch.