Canton Here I Come!

28 06 2010

I have made the executive decision to go to Canton this weekend for First Monday!!

On the shopping agenda (yea, one day I will do that spending hiatus) are items to start/finish the guest bedroom or my bedroom.

To find…

Bed.  I love this one. Heck, I love the blanket trunk as well.

Image c/o Flickr

Maybe a nice quilt.  I fell in LOVE with the quilt on Sarah’s House on HGTV.

Thank you so much for the picture!

I have the bookcase in my head  just can’t find it.  I might have to get my friend’s husband to make it for me if I can’t find one.    What I need to do is go through all of my inspiration bedroom pictures and try and find my theme.  I am also taking my camera to Canton and will be hopefully posting pictures of some of the good, the bad, and the just plain fugly.


Thursday Night Plans

13 05 2010

I was supposed to go to a UWC (undisclosed Women’s Charity) meeting tonight but I feel the funk coming on so I think instead I am going to head home, change out of the work clothes, grab my newest Etsy purchases and go get them framed!  Nothing like some home decorating to get me feeling better.

I can’t wait to get these two babies framed and hung!

This one is going in my main hall where I am slowly getting the photo wall done.

This one is going in the guest room where I am working on a vintage theme.  I have some of my grandma’s old things, some old books of my mom’s and her old dolls and doll case so I see a 1950’s retro mod type thing going on.  That also equals thrift and vintage finds which means lots of shopping and refurbing and hopefully not breaking the bank.

If you are interested in either of these you can get them from Roll and Tumble Press’ Etsy shop

They are amazing to work with!  I can definitely say when I go to get more posters to satisfy the Letterpress craving, I will be going back there.