Healthy Habits Recap

6 03 2011

I stuck close to the workout schedule this week for the most part.  I would have been perfect had I not tweaked my IT band on Thursday.  I spent Friday and Saturday recouping.  Today I finally got back to the gym and went to yoga.

Ah, yoga.  This was the first time at yoga and I survived.  Let’s just say, thank goodness the lights were out.  While I don’t think I did completely horrible, I can say that I would have been VERY self conscious had the lights been on.  But I enjoyed it and I will be going back weekly.

As for diet, I rocked that this week.  My only pitfall was on Saturday.  The G.S. cookies started calling my name and along with PMS they didn’t stand a chance.  I finally hid them at the bottom of the pantry.  Out of sight, out of mind…until next month.  Can I just say, that I am loving my  Clean Eating Magazine.  They have 2 weeks of complete meal plans and then one week of dinner menus.  I was able to easily split the recipes for dinner in half so I didn’t waste any food.  Which helped me in the finance department.

As a result of watching the diet and going to the gym.  I lost 3 pounds!!  I was hoping to lose 4 but hey, I will take 3 any day.  The coming week is going to be a lot harder to stick to it.  I’m headed “home” on Thursday and let’s just say, my family is not the healthiest in the food arena.  I am going to have to really think about how I am going to do this one.  I am not quite ready to be one of those people who brings their own food with them.  This is going to be a practice in moderation.  I just hope there is salad…heck, I just hope there are vegetables that aren’t fried…double heck, I hope there are vegetables!

I have a lot on my mind about other stuff but  I think I am going to tackle those a little bit later and call it a night.  Time to finish watching Chopped All Stars and get my self to bed on time for a change.


Try to Bring Me Down – It Will Only Bring Me Up

8 02 2011

Do you have friends who try and knock you off of your game?  Who talk down your goals?  Who try and make you second guess your dreams?  Why do we even call these people friends?

I know people who don’t support my weight loss goals.  They try and make me feel like I am sick for trying to better myself.   The conclusion has been made that you can only put up with this for so long.  The time has come when I finally have to stand up for what I want and what is best for me.

I have noticed the slow progression to this moment for some time.  Back in the blissful fat days, our girls nights consisted of high calorie dinners and going out for drink after drink.  If we weren’t out, we were at someones house doing just the same thing.  Now that I no longer do this night after night and save if for special occasions (honestly 2-3 nights a month tops), the invites to go out have stopped. The invites to do anything have stopped.  I had tried to suggest other things besides high calorie outings but they never happen.

When they see me, they get snarky about how I look.  Instead of saying I look good, they say I am wasting away.  I promise you, the 20 pounds I have lost have not made me waste away; especially when I have 4o more pounds to go.   I see their FB postings of food and drink pictures and I can’t lie I do miss the food but I don’t miss the guilt and the pounds.  Because I also see the pictures over the year and see their increase in size.

I know what part of their issue  is and I can’t help that.  I am not going to let them belittle me and bring me down because they are insecure.  I feel it is time to make the switch.  I have a feeling that I will be making a lot more switches in the coming months.

Back on Track

24 01 2011

It feels good to get off my lazy ass and do something again.  I have to admit that from Thursday – Sunday, I let it all go.  I ate and drank and just became one with my couch.  And I had to admit it all to my trainer tonight.  I have been warned that I will be getting periodic texts during the weekend threatening me with massive pain on Monday if I don’t make it to the gym (at least to Sunday yoga) and watch my diet.  I’m determined to make sure I do it.  If I have any chance of running Cowtown at the end of February, I need to get my butt back in gear.

I have reached the conclusion that I need to expand my friend circle.  Dinner on Friday was with the married and now pregnant folk.  I may or may not have downed tequila to get through it.  Saturday I was supposed to go out with the guys.  It didn’t happen because amazingly guys don’t the girl (even if she is more like one of the guys) when they are looking for a girlfriend for the night.  The current datable guy went out of town (which I could have gone with had I not already turned him down in anticipation of finding a new datable guy).  So I ended up on the couch watching chick flicks.  I need single female friends who like to go out, dance, and enjoy having a good time.  Funny how it gets harder as you get older.

Off to do old lady crosswords and find something to eat to get my last 200 calories.

The Only Constant is Change

14 11 2010

It has been a strange weekend in my little part of the world.  The low…change of friend status for someone in my life.  The high…no drama!!

The weekend started on Thursday night with drinks out with a friend.  My friend has been with me for a while and I have always had her back.  Even when I didn’t agree with something she did or her latest zaniest idea, I never let it show and I always supported her.  That to me is the definition of a friend…someone to have your back.  Well Thursday night, she proceeded to belittle my interests and basically tell me that I deserved the drama that had fallen on me the last few weeks.  That hurt me to my core.  I never showed it but I was crying inside and let it out when I got home.  Needless to say, I cut the night short along with my losses.

Friday I worked from home and basically got more work done in half a day then I do in a usual week.  It’s amazing what natural sunlight can do to a person.  Other than that, I did nothing. Watched a movie and went to bed.  I blame in on the funk left over from Thursday.

Saturday, I did the same and just hung out at the house.  Saturday night, I went to my boss’ 50th birthday party  It was fun seeing “family” I haven’t seen in a while and spending time with my “nephew”. (I have worked for my boss for 10 years and in that time, I have become a family friend.  His family is like my family and his kids are the closest I have to nieces and nephews).  I had a great time, relaxed a little and then came home and passed out.  In a way, I was dreading Sunday morning.  I know there is a track event going on this weekend and I was almost expecting to be accused of something while one party was out of town and the crazy lady was home alone.  Heck, I honestly still could be.  I’ll find out tomorrow when I clear up the other issue.

Today, was again, hibernation day.  I got out and went to the grocery store, cooked a pot of lima beans and made cornbread.  Other than that, I basically watched time tick by.  I am sure I should be out in the world but I know when I know it will only make it worse since I won’t have a good time and I will come home even gloomier than before.

I am promising myself that next week is back to me week.  Back on track with homework, working out, eating right, and my schedule.  Time to let the past few weeks stay in the past and move on.


Weekly Weight Loss Update – Be Sure Of Yourself

12 10 2010

I am blah as blah can be today.  I am completely unsure why I feel this way.  I probably need to start eating a little more. As I add more exercise to my routine, I am starting to add in a few more calories.  Lost another 3 pounds this week!!I do not remember the last time I was at this weight.  Total weight loss to date – 17 pounds.  WOW!!!

I have been going to the gym as much as possible.  I’m kinda in love with the rowing machine.  Tonight I think I am just going to go running around the neighborhood when I get home.  It’s too nice of a day to go to the gym…especially when I have been stuck in an office all day bored out of my gourd.  Tomorrow night, I have my first personal training session!  Time to go find some stregnth training exercises that will start toning up this body.

On of the great side effects of this weight loss is that I am starting to finally get my confidence back.  It is very nice to be able to feel good about yourself and like you are on the right path.  For once, I am not embarassed to meet people…aka a certain guy (who is still playing games btw).  Because I know what people see now is not the me they will see in 6 months.  So if you like what you see now, just wait, it is only going to get better with time.

Weight Loss Journey – Update and other smileys

6 10 2010

I passed the plateau!! I have always hit this number and never been able to pass it.  Well today as I weighed in, I realized I passed it.  I hit a number that I haven’t seen in a long time.  I will NEVER be back to above the plateau number again.  Yea me!!  I started going to the gym so hopefully the multi pound loss will continue.  I lost 3 pounds this week.  3 pounds a week is what I hope for. I know it might not seem realistic but I hope that continuing low carb and daily workouts will help.  I have another number in mind and until I hit it, I am staying strict to the diet.

That said, I did miss gym night tonight.  I had a professor that decided to make an exam due a day earlier than he originally said.  I found out tonight…at 7pm.  I hadn’t started it.  I had to fake a ton of data and just make it up.  We shall see.  10 more weeks and I am DONE!!!

So I think after a few days absence, new guy might be a little more interested than I gave him credit for.  There are things he is saying that just make me think that.  We shall see but I have the warm and fuzzys about it.  Yea me!!  It is true, be yourself and the person who is attracted to your true self will appear. Sometimes it is worth it to not change for someone else.  You will be much happier in the end being yourself.

Life is good.  Life is really good right now.  And I am trying to be optimistic and not wait for the other shoe to drop.  When your dancing and both feet are in the air, the other show can’t drop, it keeps dancing.

Anonymity and “Dancing” Music

22 09 2010

Trust me, the second half of this title went through no less than 10 minutes of thought to word it so that it didn’t get picked up by pervs.

Two things to note on the start of this Wednesday in which I will try to do some school work and work as well as real work without falling asleep.

1.  Anonymity in web forums is a tricky thing.  Sure, if you read this blog you know the basics about me and can probably figure out a few more things.  Not hard to figure out that I am as some would say a “chick”.  I have no problems with that but there are some places in my life that until I am known for what I bring to the table I would rather be a little more gender nuetral.  I am of the belief that if guys know what I am wearing to the table, what I bring will be dismissed. 

I have been lurking a local car forum online for the past 4 months.  Circumstances finally lead to me make my first introductory post.  Of the guys on that forum, only 2 (possible 4 if they remember) know that I am female.  While I know that in time, I will become known as the girl, it is nice to be able to talk to people who only know you for what you have in common.  Can I also say that online is so much nicer because I dont have to worry about the eyes coming off of the screen and going to my chest! 

Ah, the “dancing” music part.  I always seem to lack motivation when in the weight loss battle.  I have learned a quick 3-4 minute motivation trick that seems to work for me. I am not saying it will work for everyone, but for me, it does the trick.  I throw in my old school Motley Crue  “Girls, Girls,Girls” or some new music like Halestorm, or my newest from My Darkest Days.  Sometimes I even do old school Salt-n-Pepa as well.  Basically, I listen to anything you might be able to hear as shall we say, a gentleman’s club.  Something about listening to music that kind off suggest sex or flirting makes it real hard to stuff your face with sweets.  I mean, think about it, can you stuff your case with doughnuts listening to music talking about sexy woman and sex?  Trust me, when I am stuffing my face with unhealthy food, I feel as far away from sexy as you a can be. At least the music puts it back in my face and reminds me why I am trying to get this under control.  Who know, maybe it is just me!