Anonymity and “Dancing” Music

22 09 2010

Trust me, the second half of this title went through no less than 10 minutes of thought to word it so that it didn’t get picked up by pervs.

Two things to note on the start of this Wednesday in which I will try to do some school work and work as well as real work without falling asleep.

1.  Anonymity in web forums is a tricky thing.  Sure, if you read this blog you know the basics about me and can probably figure out a few more things.  Not hard to figure out that I am as some would say a “chick”.  I have no problems with that but there are some places in my life that until I am known for what I bring to the table I would rather be a little more gender nuetral.  I am of the belief that if guys know what I am wearing to the table, what I bring will be dismissed. 

I have been lurking a local car forum online for the past 4 months.  Circumstances finally lead to me make my first introductory post.  Of the guys on that forum, only 2 (possible 4 if they remember) know that I am female.  While I know that in time, I will become known as the girl, it is nice to be able to talk to people who only know you for what you have in common.  Can I also say that online is so much nicer because I dont have to worry about the eyes coming off of the screen and going to my chest! 

Ah, the “dancing” music part.  I always seem to lack motivation when in the weight loss battle.  I have learned a quick 3-4 minute motivation trick that seems to work for me. I am not saying it will work for everyone, but for me, it does the trick.  I throw in my old school Motley Crue  “Girls, Girls,Girls” or some new music like Halestorm, or my newest from My Darkest Days.  Sometimes I even do old school Salt-n-Pepa as well.  Basically, I listen to anything you might be able to hear as shall we say, a gentleman’s club.  Something about listening to music that kind off suggest sex or flirting makes it real hard to stuff your face with sweets.  I mean, think about it, can you stuff your case with doughnuts listening to music talking about sexy woman and sex?  Trust me, when I am stuffing my face with unhealthy food, I feel as far away from sexy as you a can be. At least the music puts it back in my face and reminds me why I am trying to get this under control.  Who know, maybe it is just me!


Back to Life…

25 07 2010

Back to reality.  That is exactly what it feels like right now.  That or Reality Bites.  I still have so much school work to do it isn’t even funny.  I am past the crying stage and now at the laughing stage. I need a break from school..BAD.  I know I am so close to the finish line but I am honestly not sure I am going to make it.

This weekend was full of trying to do school work and spending time enjoying the new car!!  I got woken up on Saturday with a call from my favorite car guy asking if I had checked my email.  I was out of bed and running to the computer in no time and was greeted by this picture!

Wrapped up like a Christmas present!  It is now in the garage after getting 100 miles on it yesterday and I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow just so I can drive it.  It’s the little things, let me tell ya.

Other than that, I have been basically laying low.  I haven’t had any friend time and I am OK with that.  I am sure I will see them soon but really, I am not rushing to hang out.  It’s the loner in me coming out I guess.

OH!!!  So does anyone use their personal Facebook account for business networking?  Sure, I keep a few of my close clients on my friend list and a few co-workers.  But these are people who have become personal friends.  I never do work networking or marketing to them on FB.  I use Linkedin for that.  I got an email today from a high school friend and thought it was strange.  So when I opened it, it was a solicitation for a MLM scheme.  Give me a freaking break!!!  Dude, FB is for FUN not for trying to get someone in your pyramid.   NEXT.

WARNING: Crazy Week Ahead

12 07 2010

Whoa, this week is going to kill me and it hasn’t even started yet!

1.  Midterm week around these parts.  I have the normal work to do as well as a midterm paper to write.  It has to be done by Friday so I am going to try and get all of my work done this week so I can finally relax and just do nothing this weekend. And yes, I am already planning for the weekend on Monday.

2.  I must get moving in regards to some work projects.  Gotta find that money so to speak (ok, not so to speak but rather quite literally).  Events to plan, guests to find, clients to help, websites to build.  It is a lot of go, go, go, which is hard when…

3.  THE CAR IS HERE!!!  Well not here here, but it is on it’s way here from Houston and the keys should be in my hand tomorrow or Wednesday.  I hopefully can go see it this afternoon.  That is all I am thinking about. It is like Christmas for me.  I can’t wait to see it.  Remember, I have never even see one that looks like this so I have only pictures to reference. 

4.  I went all vegetarian last week and lost 1 pound (way more in my Wednesday post) but this week I need a little more energy and am adding more easy to find lean protiens in. Partially because I am craving it and partially because I have almost no time to cook this week with all of the homework and I need to find things that are fast to eat. 

5.  I have a meeting for my club to plan for next week.  I could put it off till this weekend but I would at least like to think about it and come up with a great topic.  We have awards for roles and I really want to win.  What can I say, I make everything a competition.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!  I have so much more to write stored up but this post is probably too long and I need to get back to staring out the window waiting fo rmy car work.

Mein Neues Auto

13 05 2010

Who knows if that is the actual translation but it works and looks right to me.  So after careful consideration and plotting my budget, what I lusted after and what I could reasonably afford and still eat, I have ordered a new car!

My old car is getting on up in miles.  I fully expect her to hit 150,000 when the new car gets here.  She and I have had great times, but it is time to let her relax and stop carrying my butt around every day.  She will become the weekend car until she dies.  Plus I like having two cars, just in case.  Also, no one will give me what I think she is worth so might as well get every penny out of her.

I had been going back and forth on the new car and trying to decide what I wanted.  I started the journey saying never will I drive a 4 door and never will I drive anything the resembles a wagon.  So I looked and looked.  I compared my dream cars in the used market and it just didn’t make sense to get a car with that many miles used.  I would rather get a used low mileage car but the dreams were still out of my price range. The front runner and what I have wanted for about 3 years was also just not attractive to me anymore.  They changed the engine and it was starting to become common to see them.  (Yes, I have to have an uncommon car, it’s a MUST).

So on my way to my Toastmaster’s meeting about a month ago, I saw it.  I saw my future car.  I knew it was in my price range because well I know the ballpark cost of most cars out there because I am that dorky. It was peppy, good styling, great interior, and best of all it gets amazing gas mileage due to the diesel (yep) engine.  It wasn’t what I expected but it had been growing on me the last 3 years and at this moment it jumped out and said “Love Me”!!!!

I got online that night and configured the car just like I wanted and pushed the online quote button.  The person who responded was also the person who I was referred to by an Ex.  Fate was telling me I was to have this car.  I went in for a test drive of the same model and loved it.  When we went to find one with my specs, it didn’t exist.  Meaning on every car lot in the USA and on every car being sent to every dealership, it was not there.  It is safe to assume I will have a one of a kind car.  Sure, I know there are some out there like mine but not many.  I also missed the 2010 cut off so it will be a 2011 model.  Hells yea baby!!!  Right now, it can’t be said when it will be here.  It will be between mid July and mid September (I am betting the latter).

So without further ado, mein neues auto (picture as close as I can find to what it will look like):