101 Update – Week 4

29 06 2010

It’s been a while but time to get back on the wagon and I am looking forward to it.

12 – 14.  Decorating related items.  I am heading to Canton this weekend to see what I can score for the house.  I have the perfect idea of the guest bedroom in my head.  Now I just need to get it out and in the room.

35.  CC completion. I notified out VP of Education of my intent to finish my CC by the end of the year.  I have set a schedule and should be about to get it done.  Yea me!!

88.  New Chucks.  Yup, today I found a new pair.  I will rarely wear them but I love them.  You can’t go wrong with Dr. Seuss.

96.  Organize photos.  I went through about a lot of my pictures and got rid of a lot of duplicates and fuzzies.  I still need to fire up my old laptops and move pictures off of those.  I would also love to buy a new external drive and put them on that so I can access my pictures from any computer.  I also need to make a CD backup of them all.  Just think of what you would lose if you lost your computer.  I would lose priceless pictures.  It makes me cry just thinking about it.

And that folks is what I have been up to.  As I progress into this, I am thinking of some of my goals that I might modify or change.  Hey, I can do that.  It is my challenge and I can change the rules!!


How Do you Do It?

10 06 2010

I pose that question to people on how can they have a social life in Dallas and not go broke or get an ass the size of a barn door.  I do not hide the fact that one of my favorite things it food.  I also know that I have enjoyed it a little too much in the past and now I am paying to lose it.  How do you lose and still enjoy dining out and spending time with friends!?!

Last night I met up with a friend at Nick and Sam’s Grill for happy hour and dinner.  Tonight I have my meeting (which is always held at a restaraunt), tomorrow night drinks and dinner with friends at Shops at Legacy (craving a cold beer), and Saturday dinner and drinks with yet another set of friends at Watter’s Creek.  Needless to say any hope of counting WW points went out the window yesterday.  I am going to have to stick with Vodka Martinis or wine which are both 2 points.  But the food!!  How do I handle the food!! 

And let’s not forget the expense of all of this eating out.  This is where I am really going to have to rework the budget to account for my new found social life.  Not that it is a hard problem, but just one of those things I dind’t account for.   This is where the eating out of the pantry and freezer as well as learning to drink water to fill up and not eat so much during the day is going to come into play. 

Oh well, that was a good brain fart for the afternoon, now back to work and trying to accomplish something before the day is done.

As a side note, I have got a few hits on my 101 in1001 journey.  I am planning on linking back to some of them as well this weekend as well as adding a blog roll of some of my favorite stalk spots in the bloggy world.

101 in 1001 Update – Week Two

6 06 2010

On a scale of 1 to 10, this week was a 7.  Not amazing but not a downer.

1.  Graduate – Well classes started up and I am really trying to stay on top of my work load and not let things get behind.  I have a Current Events review to do this afternoon so I have a few things to do today.  Tomorrow my other class starts.  Joy, joy.

11.  Clean out garage for two cars.  DONE!!!!  My dad came over on Memorial Day and helped me get the garage cleaned out and ready to go. Bring on the new car!

35. Complete my CC.  I gave my third of 10 speeches this week.  I am already working on my 4th one and I am going to request to do it the first week in July.

45. 2 month spending hiatus.  Doing good.  I actually went out yesterday and did some returns of things I didn’t really need.  I got back about $200.  I have had to buy a school book and  a WSJ 15 week subscription for school so that is needed and doesn’t count.

54.  Hold a group office.  Well I was “nominated” for the position of Secretary in my group.  I wasn’t expecting it and was planning on doing it after graduation, but hey, it happened and I want to do it so why not.

82 and 83. Budget.  I am following my current budget but I am not sure how realistic it is.  It is pretty restrictive.  I might be making modifications, but to be honest I am not sure where there is space for modification.

101 in 1001 – Week One Update

30 05 2010

So this week has been interesting to say the least.  I have been preparing to do a few of the items on the list and I even did one that I forgot was on there.

33.  Eat out of pantry and freezer for one week.  This one I am starting today.  The goal is one week but I actually hope to do it for more time than that.  It will help me save money and work towards…

82 & 83 that are about my budget and sticking to it.  It will also help with 25 and 45.

The big one is that the spending hiatus is on for June and July.  It will help me save a little more for the car in August. I guess I won’t get any new shorts this summer. 😦  But that is OK, I really don’t need them.  I might have one pair still left and I have my workout shorts.  I don’t wear shorts that often anyway and I only wear them around the house.

I did complete one item on the list on Friday.

92. Buy a new black purse.  I put this one on the list because I have been looking for over a year for a good basic black purse.  I have a hard time finding purses that I like.  I went on Friday to return a shirt and use my Nordstrom Notes up and on the way out I decided to stop by the purses to see what was on sale.  Of course none of the sale purses really spoke to me.  I was looking at a Cole Haan and gravitated over to the kate spade’s again and knew I didn’t want to spend that much then.  The sales clerk came over to me and said they did have some a black kate spade on sale.  It was funny because she said it in a low voice like I was buying drugs or something.  It was even secretive on where it was; they didn’t have it out on the table, it was under the table out of site.  It got me wondering what other goodies they were hiding under the table.  So out came the purse and was a great work purse.  Simple, black patent leather and roomy.  

101 in 1001

27 05 2010

One of the blogs that I read stalk is My Front Porch Looking In.  MTM posted a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  I loved this idea and have been pondering it and wondering if I can think of that many things I want to do.  After much thought I have decided to post my own list and try it out. Of course I love some of her ideas so I am going to add some of them to mine as well.  To start June 1, 2010 and finished February 26, 20103.  Without further ado, here is my list. 

  1. Graduate
  2. Get to my goal weight of 145
  3. Spend a week in Hawaii (during the winter)
  4. Watch all seasons of The West Wing
  5. Read 10 of the books I have bought that I haven’t touched
  6. Paint outside of house
  7. Border front yard flower beds
  8. Plant a Magnolia tree or 2 in the back yard.
  9. Create flower beds in back yard
  10. Create proper patio in back yard
  11. Clean out garage well enough to put 2 cars in it
  12. Decorate guest bedroom
  13. Decorate master bedroom
  14. Decorate dining room
  15. Organize office
  16. Run a 5K
  17. Run a 10K
  18. Make Grandma’s canned pickled beets
  19. Learn to drive a manual
  20. Attend a TDE event
  21. Organize keepsakes
  22. Take a photography class
  23. Decorate office
  24. Cook an intricate recipe (Recipe TBD)
  25. Save 10% of paycheck for two months
  26. Host a belated house-warming party
  27. Start a quilt
  28. Find window coverings for living room
  29. Long weekend to Napa
  30. Decorate for Halloween
  31. Decorate for Christmas
  32. Host a family get together at my house
  33. Eat out of the freezer and the pantry for one week
  34. Donate $1 for every item on the 101 list that I do not get to.
  35. Complete my CC in my group
  36. Get pictures of myself taken that I actually like
  37. Go on 10 dates (even if it is 10 first dates and it kills me)
  38. Try and post 15 recipes on the blog
  39. Post 15 pictures that I have taken on the blog
  40. Write one short story
  41. Buy my own piece of nice jewelry (I have the ring picked out)
  42. Write a blog entry for each item I do on this list
  43. Take a snow boarding lesson
  44. Get a new contact lense prescription
  45. Successfully complete a spending hiatus for two months
  46. Have old t-shirts made into a blanket
  47. Try 10 new restaurants
  48. Get my passport
  49. Take one international trip
  50. Meet my target yearly pay goal (for obvious reasons I know this but will not post it)
  51. Get new cell phone
  52. Get new car (this one probably shouldn’t be here but until it happens in August, it is still a goal)
  53. Write and mail 5 letters
  54. Hold an office at my group
  55. Test drive my dream car
  56. Get a library card
  57. Go to the symphony
  58. Go to a concert on my own
  59. Go to a movie on my own
  60. Make a new friend
  61. Back up computer
  62. Create a home network for movies, music, and pictures
  63. Research getting my home music system integrated with my network
  64. Go wakeboarding again (and stay up longer than 1 minute)
  65. Get 5 of my pictures printed out, framed and hung in the house
  66. Learn to make use Photoshop
  67. Take a weekend road trip with no destination planned
  68. Have a spa day
  69. Make a genuine effort to work on this blog
  70. Get my Series 65 and Series 7
  71. Make amends with certain events in my past (again, I know them but I am not comfortable posting them)
  72. Attend a Pilates class
  73. Attend a yoga class
  74. Learn to swim
  75. Get my bike fixed
  76. Get over my fear of riding my bike (this one deserves its own blog post just to explain it)
  77. Put hardwood in the dining room
  78. Build dry bar in dry bar location in the house
  79. Paint laundry room
  80. Make macaroons
  81. Plant a garden
  82. Plan a realistic budget
  83. Follow my budget for two months
  84. Plant flowers in front yard
  85. Meet one of my neighbors
  86. Try to paint a picture
  87. Buy a pair of shoes that are not black or brown or Chucks.
  88. Buy two new pairs of Chucks 🙂
  89. Be happy with myself both inside and out
  90. Talk to a stranger
  91. Convert 3 sweet recipes to only use natural sugars
  92. Find a new black purse
  93. Donate unneeded items to Salvation Army
  94. Buy one piece of second-hand furniture for the house
  95. Really try to get off of my blood pressure medicine ( I know this might not be possible for medical reasons but I would like to try)
  96. Organize all my electronic photos
  97. Get comfortable networking for work
  98. Find 8 new work clients
  99. Play my saxophone for someone
  100. Learn a new song on my saxophone
  101. Visit my grandparents.