We’re Not Talking Belly Button Lint Here

8 03 2011

Ok, so first let’s get it straight that I am not Catholic, I am Baptist.  However, I truly love the idea of using this time before Easter to really examine the way you live and strive to live a more focused life and renew my faith.

I have been preparing for this for some time.  Honestly, with my working out I don’t eat sugar, very little alcohol, working out almost every day…I live a very healthy life.  The only thing I do that isn’t very good in my opinion, is I spend before I think.  I give into material temptation and don’t think mindfully of what I spend my money on.

So for the next 40 days, I will be cutting out any unnecessary purchases.  There is nothing (except for running shoes) that I need.  And yes, the running shoes have been on the list since before this.  They are the reward for busting it out at the gym all month.  Other than that, I am doing without.

I am hoping I can keep it up and rebuild the savings buffer a little more and start saving for the life I am working towards in everything I do. Maybe one day I will write about what that is.  Trust me, it’s life changing 🙂




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