Can I Have One More Hour Please?

8 03 2011

I keep running out of time!!!  It feels like right now, I come home from work, go to the gym, come home to cook dinner, clean up and go to bed.  I need to work on the routine a little more.  If it is cooking something a little quicker, prepping on the weekends for dinner or (EEKK!!!) getting up earlier and doing stuff around the house, I am going to have to figure it out.

Right now, it feels like if I let one thing slip, everything goes.

Tomorrow will be hell.  Do the same and then add packing on top of that.  Oh, and clean up the house a little bit.

On another note, I need to get this under control because I am seriously thinking next long semester that I am going to try to do some teaching.  Yep, back to school so to speak. The local community college here has openings for adjunct faculty and my Masters qualifies me to teach.  It is something I would like to try and who knows, maybe I will enjoy it enough to keep doing it and try and get in a position to do it full time.  We shall see.




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