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10 02 2011

I don’t tell many people but I have been married before and while it wasn’t the best, I wouldn’t change it or him for the world.  To this day, he is still my best friend, he is always there for me even now that he is so far away…but more on that in a moment.

We met when I was 19.  I can still remember what I wore the night we met, what he was doing, how he looked at me.  I remember our first dance, the look, the feeling, the song, I remember it all.  Our courtship was my fairy tale story.  A movie couldn’t have made a better story.  We grew up together and it was great. The ending sucked but the during was great.  One day maybe I will write about it.

Fast forward 15 years and we still talk every week.  He knows just by the words I use if I am happy or sad.  He always checks on my family and makes sure my parents are OK.  He even talks to my dad regularly.  I still love him as much as ever, I just know we were young and not ready for the life we got into.

Right now, I am happy and sad.  Happy because my best friend is doing something he loves and something greater than himself.  Sad because I know he isn’t going to be a phone call away for a while.  See, tomorrow is D day…the start of deployment.  And it kills me that I wasn’t able to see him one more time before he left.  The only saving grace is that mid-tour should be sometime around my birthday and so I get to see him then.

I remember the last time we went through this so it isn’t a new thing to me but each time still stings a little and gets me down.  But, I keep going on and cherish the emails I get and keep on keeping on.




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