Random Things Keeping Me From Work

10 02 2011

My brain is racing with random thoughts and ideas and they are really keeping me from doing the job I am getting paid to do.  The only way to fix this I guess I need to write it out and move on.  So in that regard, here comes the random blog post!

1.  Can this week be any longer! Even staying home due to weather yesterday didn’t help.  I know that tomorrow is Friday but it can’t get here soon enough.  This is probably due to some of the same reasons I can’t seem to get going at work today…to much I want to do in my personal life this weekend.

2.  I have decided that I am going to have to go to hear a band I want to hear on my own on Friday.  Yep, this girl is about to head to a bar where she knows no one to hear a band I have been looking forward to.  I am nervous as hell and haven’t been this confident in about 15 years.  But, everyone I would want to go with is busy and I don’t want to ask the frienemy then that leaves me going it alone.  It’s just a hurdle I know I need to cross so I can sitting at home alone because I am scared to venture out on my own.  I am looking at it like what would I do if I just moved to town and knew no one.

3.  Debt is bad.  In a late night-please-why-can’t-I-sleep-yet-again moment, I decided that I am tired of having any debt hanging over me.  This weekend I am going to lay out a plan to get the little bit of credit card debt paid off, get the car paid off, and the student loans gone.  Even though due to the economy, my paycheck has taken a severe hit, I think I can do this.  I mean, if I am on a weight loss journey, my debt can go on a weight loss journey too. 

This all came about because I don’t want to have to be a slave to my job.  I really want to be able to move out of the craziness that is Dallas in about 5 years and to do something that I really want to do (what, I have no idea but I have 5 years to figure it out).  This desire means I would be in a better position with no debt and money in the bank.  I’m hiding the credit cards, really going to be aware of how much I spend, and start making sure I don’t just stick my head in the sand at my present situation (which really isn’t that bad).

I want to live a simple and easy life.  I got chills when I was doing the budget for a new business venture for my boss and he said one of the other partners (and himself) needed a minimum of a 5 figure number for a monthly salary.  I never want to be in a position where I must have that much a month just to live.  I would rather make that much, and be able to put most of it in the bank for a rainy day or for later on in life when I can escape the craziness and enjoy it.

4.  I swear if this old guy in the office doesn’t stop calling me rude nicknames, I am gonna sue.  We have partnered with another business and the guys that run it are older.  One of them comes in every morning and calls me names such as “Sweet Drama”, “Mello Drama”, and my fav “Sweet temptation”.  And as a side note, I have NO drama in my life.  I ban drama, I run from drama, I kick drama’s ass.  If you bring drama in to my life, you get kicked out IMMEDIATELY.  So why he calls me this I have no idea.  His nicknames make me uncomfortable and add to that he hugs and touches and you see where I have an issue.




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