Try to Bring Me Down – It Will Only Bring Me Up

8 02 2011

Do you have friends who try and knock you off of your game?  Who talk down your goals?  Who try and make you second guess your dreams?  Why do we even call these people friends?

I know people who don’t support my weight loss goals.  They try and make me feel like I am sick for trying to better myself.   The conclusion has been made that you can only put up with this for so long.  The time has come when I finally have to stand up for what I want and what is best for me.

I have noticed the slow progression to this moment for some time.  Back in the blissful fat days, our girls nights consisted of high calorie dinners and going out for drink after drink.  If we weren’t out, we were at someones house doing just the same thing.  Now that I no longer do this night after night and save if for special occasions (honestly 2-3 nights a month tops), the invites to go out have stopped. The invites to do anything have stopped.  I had tried to suggest other things besides high calorie outings but they never happen.

When they see me, they get snarky about how I look.  Instead of saying I look good, they say I am wasting away.  I promise you, the 20 pounds I have lost have not made me waste away; especially when I have 4o more pounds to go.   I see their FB postings of food and drink pictures and I can’t lie I do miss the food but I don’t miss the guilt and the pounds.  Because I also see the pictures over the year and see their increase in size.

I know what part of their issue  is and I can’t help that.  I am not going to let them belittle me and bring me down because they are insecure.  I feel it is time to make the switch.  I have a feeling that I will be making a lot more switches in the coming months.




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