Hunkering Down

31 01 2011

It seems everyone on the blogosphere is hunkering down for some cold weather.

Seems the real world is doing the same.  I picked a very bad day to run out of milk and bread; the grocery store was a killer!  Let me tell you, the little kiddie carts should be outlawed on days like this.  I swear I got shinned about 4 times.

I was feeling blah when I got home but I got my butt up and went to the gym.  Pilates class was an experience.  The jury is still out but I admit I do feel stretched out and a little more relaxed.  Next up, yoga this weekend.  I do still like my weight lifting better.  I’m not much of a group girl but I am going to stick with it.

Before I went to the gym, I did have to prepare my newest “pet” for the cold weather.  For the past 5 months, I have a had a cotton tail rabbit call my backyard home.  Most people would get upset at a rabbit eating their grass but me, I know that he wouldn’t survive in my neighborhood with the coyotes and the construction so I like being a safe haven.  He has gotten so comfortable with me that this weekend he was out there and I went outside and he actually didn’t scare and even moved closer to me.  Well what can I do when the weather is supposed to get bad!!  So my softie heart went and bought bunny treats and bunny hay and made a rabbit hutch outside for him for the bad weather.  I had to go throw a few bricks on it tonight to make sure it didn’t blow away.  I can say that he is in it hunkered down and good to go.

I’m off to curl up on the couch with my other baby who is purring up a storm. Stay warm everyone and I hope everyone survives the cold weather unbruised.




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