I love my lists

30 01 2011

I think after living for so long with a list of things due for school and the having to fit my life in with it, I got addicted to the wonderful To Do List.  I really tried to survive without them after school but I find myself at a lost and not being able to come up with a game plan when I am without the list.  This weekend, I decided to hell with it and made a list.  I am happy to say that instead of a normal lazy weekend where I feel guilty on Monday and feel like I wasted a weekend, I was actually productive this weekend.

As of this moment, I have done 19 things on my list.  Sure, some of them were as trivial as get dressed but hey you can’t run errands naked!

Last night, I went out with a friend to go grab drinks and we ended up a a club.  I have never seen so many cougars in one place!  I guess that is what I get for going out in the burbs.  It was fun, but it isn’t somewhere I would go all the time.  I’m still on the hunt for “my” bar.  I was going to go to a concert on Wednesday and try out another contender but when the temperature is supposed to be 12 degrees, I have a feeling my butt will be inside curled up on the couch and watching mind numbing TV.

I am sure I have more mindless ramblings in my head but I think they are still forming so I am going to sign off and go cross more items off of my list!




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