Rare At Work Post

25 01 2011

I rarely post at work and darnit, I really wanted to stay up beat and positive with my postings for a week. But, my blog, my free therapy right?!

I went to ask the boss about a call he got when I checked his messages (let us please not forget that I have 15 yrs experience and a MBA).  He acted like I should know the person and I reminded him that I had no contact with this person and I was unsure of her story.  He stated very matter of factly that I would meet her at his Super Bowl party.  I stated back also very matter of factly that I would not be in attendance at said party.  You would have thought I told him I ran over his dog and jumped up and down laughing on it’s dead, twitching body (again, for the record I LOVE all my animals just using this as a metaphor).

I’m sorry, but if a party is actually a business function, please tell me ahead of time and don’t send me an invitation that I can RSVP to…send me an email telling me what time I need to be there and that it is part of my job.

And don’t call it a personal insult that I will not be attending.  If we are going to play that game, I call it a persoal insult that I have worked for you for ten years and for my graduation from grad school (which you didn’t pay for but for which you have gotten the benefit of my education) you did absolutely nothing to mark the occasion; not even a nice lunch out to say way to go.   I take it as a personal insult that you acknowledge to all that your favorite past time in this office is to insult me and treat me like I should be lucky to have this job.  I call it an insult that you assume that I have no life and that I wouldn’t have other, more age appropriate plans for Superbowl weekend (especially since it is being held in our town).  Finally, I call it a personal insult that you owe me $6,000 for the last job I did for you and that at the end of 2010, I had taken an almost 50% cut in pay working for you and I can barely pay my bills yet you still bitch about working to pay my salary.  How you can’t afford the lifestyle of yearly  long trips to Europe anymore when I’m lucky if I can save $100 a month into my savings account!!  You have used me for 10 years to learn how others do their job and then have me do it and cut them loose to save yourself some money.

But the joke is on you Mr. Bossman.  Trust me, I do have wings and I am currently searching for somewhere to let them carry me off to.  A girl has to do something with all that free time not spent studying anymore right!! 🙂




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