Back on Track

24 01 2011

It feels good to get off my lazy ass and do something again.  I have to admit that from Thursday – Sunday, I let it all go.  I ate and drank and just became one with my couch.  And I had to admit it all to my trainer tonight.  I have been warned that I will be getting periodic texts during the weekend threatening me with massive pain on Monday if I don’t make it to the gym (at least to Sunday yoga) and watch my diet.  I’m determined to make sure I do it.  If I have any chance of running Cowtown at the end of February, I need to get my butt back in gear.

I have reached the conclusion that I need to expand my friend circle.  Dinner on Friday was with the married and now pregnant folk.  I may or may not have downed tequila to get through it.  Saturday I was supposed to go out with the guys.  It didn’t happen because amazingly guys don’t the girl (even if she is more like one of the guys) when they are looking for a girlfriend for the night.  The current datable guy went out of town (which I could have gone with had I not already turned him down in anticipation of finding a new datable guy).  So I ended up on the couch watching chick flicks.  I need single female friends who like to go out, dance, and enjoy having a good time.  Funny how it gets harder as you get older.

Off to do old lady crosswords and find something to eat to get my last 200 calories.




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