New Year’s Non Resolutions

3 01 2011

I’m not one to make resolutions usually but I do feel like I need to work on a few things and lo’n behold, it is that time so I might as well change direction on a few things.

1.  Cut the umbilical cord.  I have worked for the same man for over 1o years.  It’s time to cut the strings and see if I can float on my own.  I might not have to use this skill but I need to not be afraid to try it and see what I can do.

2. You use you lose.  I’m tired of people always coming to me when they need something.  It could be to fix a computer, help with their car, whine about their job, husband, family, life, etc.  When I need a shoulder I don’t get one in return.  No more one sided friendships.  I’m pretty easy maintenance in the friend department but when I have to cry on my own and no one listens to me or make time to be a friend, I get pissed really fast.

3. A penny saved is a penny earned..  I need to get my finances back in shape.  I’m pretty good right now but I went a little crazy on the credit cards and need to pay them off and get my cushion built back up.

4. Work it baby.  Keep up with my workout and watch my diet better.  I had an unplanned trainer change and it might have been for the best.  I called in on my workout tonight because I am sick and he called to make sure I was really sick and not just wimping out.  He also texted me to keep my food journal back up.




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