Someone else said it best

18 12 2010

Do you ever find those blogs where someone says exactly what you are thinking and helps you put your pieces together?  I think Shoegal said it perfectly.

I have this friend.  We have known each other for 15 years.  He was my ex-husband’s friend and my ex got him in the divorce.  Now, let’s just say right now, I have always had a thing for him….but again, you just don’t do that and I never did.  Fast forward to the end of my school career and realizing I missed going out with the guys, heading to the bar and drinking myself into a less bitter person.  So thanks to Facebook, I found my old friends (him included) and started to reconnect.  Well we finally all got to head out and party it out together or so I thought.  Well my friend K had his kids and couldn’t come so it was just B and I.  We proceeded to get  my pretty happy.  On the way out, we started a little make out session in the truck and then headed back to the casa and one thing led to another and…  Granted I do have a few feelings for him, but the bitter me knows that those feelings just screw you up and life is better no strings attached at this point.

Fast forward to last weekend after confirming he wasn’t upset what happened happened and he was looking forward to seeimg me again.  He tells me he is heading out of town…my response….cool, next time then.  So K (they live together) invites me over to hang and drink.  Who am I to turn down a chance to not stay home and go play pool and drink?  So I head over there.  Hanging out and who happens to walk in….B.  WTF!!!  So yes, I do the only adult thing I can and proceed to be a bitch, watch him go out, and get drunk.  I was pissed he lied to me.  Well I happened to wake up when he came home and saw the chick with him.  Yea, no biggie for me (remember the no feelings policy).  But I did send a harsh email the next day after I left and said don’t lie to me, every other man in my life lies which is why I am like I am and I don’t need my friend to lie to me. I know how to play the game because you taught it to me…treat me better than one of your bar whores.  I again, tell him we’re friends with benefits, nothing more.  He responded back, blah blah, plans changed, I only brought her home because of some stupid ass reason, I’ll always be honest, love you too.  BLAH.

So now, he is extremely strange when we talk.  He treats me more like a bar whore than ever.  Basically, when he needs an ego boost he texts me.  Never invites me down.  Nothing.  Now I was on the phone with K this morning and he said that B brought home the chick again even though he was pissed at her.  Not being shy with what I say, I stated that I thought said chick as just a screw.  Well apparently, there seem to be feelings there.  Which is hilarious since he gets pissed at her giving a guy her number when he is out screwing other people.

Again, dude, you lie to me!!  Guess what, life is gonna be hell for you.  You just got moved to the guys to use category. I don’t need you pulling this crap on me, the one girl who will tell it to you like it is and who always has your back.




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