4 pounds of butter can only mean one thing…

10 12 2010

It’s Holiday baking time!!  Ths is the only time of the year that my shopping list states 28 eggs, 4 pounds of butter, 2 bags of sugar and flour, every concievable chocolate chip cookie and Nutella (mmm, Nutella), and 2 BIG bottles of rum.

Last night I ended up finally celebrating my school end and got a little tipsy.  Now I am suffering the effects of the mini-hangover.  I need to go work out but I feel blah.  Putting it off till tomorrow.  Now, if I just don’t repeat we will be all good. 

Come on clock, let me out of this office for the weekend!! I have places to be that are much more important than here.  Speaking of work, I had someone tell me to make my work sub-par for an investor presentation.  Basically, they said don’t change the wording, leave it just like it is and in the order it is.  Let me tell you, the wording was hideous, the slide order made no sense, and there were blatant lies all in it.  I had to play CYA and send it just like they wanted in an email saying that as compliance, I was not signing off on it and it needed to go to legal review.  If they don’t do it, then guess what…I’m covered. 

Oh weekend, it’s time for you and I to get closer.




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