The light is blinding!

30 11 2010

I am forcing myself to get all my final assignments done by Sunday…I’m shooting for Saturday to be honest. The reward for getting it done this weekend is that I am going to clean the house on Sunday and put up Christmas decorations!  That and my new favorite drink…Amaretto and Apricot nectar.  Oh yea, like adult apricot cobbler in a glass.  YUMMY!! It is hard to believe that I have five assignments in my way to be done with schoolwork..FOREVA!!!

Oh please bad weather, stay away or get over with before the 11th.  I have plans to go out with my “friend” and celebrate my freedom.

Thanksgiving was great.  I enjoyed spending time with the family and freezing my butt off. A friend of my dad’s brought his grandson hunting with us.  Talk about my baby clock turning into an bomb.  It got me a little sad that I am not sure if I have a kid that they will be able to bond with my dad and experience what I did.  It was the first time I have ever really wanted a child in a long time.  I decided to basically learn as much from my dad as I could so if I was blessed enough to have a kid I could pass on some of the useless knowledge.  The weekend also made me wish my “friend” was more and was with me out there bonding with my friends and family.  Oh, the things alcohol makes me think about.





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