A Great Weekend.

21 11 2010

The more fun, the bigger the hangover!  It was all worth it though.

Last night, was an amazing time with old friends and some unexpected turns for the good.  I decided to head out with my ex-husband’s friends last night to relive old times.  I figure 10 years is enough time for him to stop claiming them.

One of his friends in particular has always gotten my attention.  I would be lying if I denied that the night I met my ex I was hoping it was his friend that came up to me.  He has always been sweet and the perfect gentleman. One of the things we talked about last night was that night.  How he wasn’t sure it was him and he didn’t take the chance.  The thought of how things could have been was a little humbling.  Of course, everything that happened made us who were are today. I can say we both have done pretty well in our lives with the only down side being relationships.

He was true to form when he took me out last night, paid for all my drinks, and took care of me….oh did he take care of me.  There was a little “tension” all through the night; little glances, smiles, that kind of stuff.  After a great night, we get back to the truck and the kiss we had blew me away!!  It was like 10 years of tension built into that kiss.  I can honestly say, I have never had a kiss like that.  It was AMAZING just like the whole night. And even after the first kiss, that same passion never went away.

I had no idea that was going to happen.  Where we stand, no one knows and I am not going to read into it or make something of it other than what it was. BUT, just in my mind, I hope it happens again.

It made my brunch today so much more bearable.  If anything it just showed me what I gave up when I got divorced and how my new “friends” really don’t know who I am except for the parts of me that fit with their image.




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