I pay for this torture?

17 11 2010

Someone please kill me!  As I was thinking that phrase at my training session tonight, I realized that I actually pay someone to torture me multiple times a week. What is up with that?  Sure, I know it is for my long term benefit but damn, I am in pain right now.  I can’t even lift my arms.

Can I just say how free I feel right now and how light any burden I feel is?  Leaving all the BS behind is so freeing.  I should have done this a long time ago.  I am actually looking forward to what next year holds for me.  I think it will be my year.

Yes, this is post is a pure practice is train of thought.

I have a lot to get done before Turkey day.  Must run to REI and grab a new jacket and some cold weather clothes.  Hopefully I can find some new workout shorts or pants as well.  My go to pair is starting to get a lot big.  Gotta go to the bookstore and get some Turkey weekend reading.  Gotta pay bills, clean the house, and get my survey for my class emailed out to everyone to I can get some data to look at.  But, I am honestly not sweating any of it.  That is a very strange concept for me.





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