Back on the Wagon

15 11 2010

As far as Mondays go, this was a pretty good one.  No complaints from this end.

No drama, and old friend contacted me and hopefully we will be getting together soon when he is in town. He always seems to appear when I need a good time and someone to let me be myself.  It was a sad day when he moved away but at least I do get to see him every now and then when he comes into town.

I did blow off my training tonight.  I stayed at work finishing up some homework and then got to drive home in the foggy drizzle and just felt like hibernating when I got home. Basically, I wanted to be lazy.  Don’t worry, I will have to go bust my butt on Saturday to make up for it.  Soon I hope to be back in full swing in that department.  I did manage to keep my diet under control today so it wasn’t a complete loss.

I’m debating getting out of town from Thanksgiving.  Before I go on, I should let you know that I am a complete Texas girl. My family are hunters and every year my dad goes MIA during hunting season.  I rarely head down with my parents but this year, I am thinking of going on the Thanksgiving hunting trip.  I need to get away and down there I get no phone signal, no internet, no TV, no radio, and NO DRAMA.  I can go and enjoy the wide open spaces and spend time with my family and my camera.




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