The Only Constant is Change

14 11 2010

It has been a strange weekend in my little part of the world.  The low…change of friend status for someone in my life.  The high…no drama!!

The weekend started on Thursday night with drinks out with a friend.  My friend has been with me for a while and I have always had her back.  Even when I didn’t agree with something she did or her latest zaniest idea, I never let it show and I always supported her.  That to me is the definition of a friend…someone to have your back.  Well Thursday night, she proceeded to belittle my interests and basically tell me that I deserved the drama that had fallen on me the last few weeks.  That hurt me to my core.  I never showed it but I was crying inside and let it out when I got home.  Needless to say, I cut the night short along with my losses.

Friday I worked from home and basically got more work done in half a day then I do in a usual week.  It’s amazing what natural sunlight can do to a person.  Other than that, I did nothing. Watched a movie and went to bed.  I blame in on the funk left over from Thursday.

Saturday, I did the same and just hung out at the house.  Saturday night, I went to my boss’ 50th birthday party  It was fun seeing “family” I haven’t seen in a while and spending time with my “nephew”. (I have worked for my boss for 10 years and in that time, I have become a family friend.  His family is like my family and his kids are the closest I have to nieces and nephews).  I had a great time, relaxed a little and then came home and passed out.  In a way, I was dreading Sunday morning.  I know there is a track event going on this weekend and I was almost expecting to be accused of something while one party was out of town and the crazy lady was home alone.  Heck, I honestly still could be.  I’ll find out tomorrow when I clear up the other issue.

Today, was again, hibernation day.  I got out and went to the grocery store, cooked a pot of lima beans and made cornbread.  Other than that, I basically watched time tick by.  I am sure I should be out in the world but I know when I know it will only make it worse since I won’t have a good time and I will come home even gloomier than before.

I am promising myself that next week is back to me week.  Back on track with homework, working out, eating right, and my schedule.  Time to let the past few weeks stay in the past and move on.





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