Bullying as we get older

5 11 2010

I have been fuming over this post for the last week.  I started it and stopped it countless times. I just wanted to let things die but as is life, they wouldn’t and instead they escalated.

After the events on Sunday of being harassed and being bullied and someone trying to stop me from doing something that made me happy, the other shoe dropped yesterday.  Apparently because I did not back down, give into the bully and held my head high, I am now being accused of doing something I could never even fathom doing.  I am not a vengeful spiteful person so the thought that someone, anyone, thinks I can do this brings a tear to my eye and hurts me. A story in which I can not go into, just know that now I have to spend countless hours clearing my name for something I didn’t do all because someone is insecure in their world and sees me as a threat, as someone who they are not used to encountering, or as an easy mark to beat up on when they are down.

Whatever it is, it needs to be said that I am 34 years old.  This person is the same age.  We are long past the age where this kind of behavior should happen.  In fact, this kind of behavior should never happen.  I do not care how old a person is, this is unacceptable to treat others this way.  Why have we become a society that has forgotten the golden rule?  Why do we not realize that the people we hurt and bully have feelings and feel pain and sadness by the actions? Why can we not place ourselves in their shoes and feel compassion for how it would feel to be treated in this manner? 

All I want is to live my life in peace and do the things that make me happy.

My faith tells me that this will all pass and to put it in God’s hands.  I just have to remember that judgement is not my place and to not become evil in this process but to stay good and be happy and loving to ALL, even those that aim to hurt me.




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