An Open Thank You

31 10 2010
I need to explain this so it isn’t coming so far from left field. Today I woke up a reflective mood, go grateful for everything in my life and I feel like these words need to be said even if we were to never exchange another word…just because I’m the type of person who doesn’t leave a kind word unsaid.
I was always told “remember who you are”.  It was something my grandma always said to me when she said good bye and a lesson that has served me well. I can still hear her tell me that every day and every day I am grateful for having been taught it; some days it even brings me to tears.  Not everyday being who you truly are and being the bigger person is easy but every day I try to live my life that way.  I just know that being this way pays off in the end and weeds the dead weight our of your life. Anyone who tries to get in the way of that or tries to hurt you for living this way, isn’t worth the thought it takes to forget them.
Part of being who I am is being a person who thanks people who play a positive role in my life, in my attitude, my actions or someone who does something nice for me.  I’ll even thank someone who hates me if it makes me a better person or makes me act in the way I was raised.  I say thank you probably more than anyone you will ever meet.
So thank you. Your kindness to me, your friendship, your encouraging words, and your belief in me means so much to me and has helped me more than I think you realize.   So gracias.
No need to respond back, just wanted to say it. 🙂



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