Pity Party….table for one??

25 10 2010

You know you are gonna hit a low when you have a weekend full of highs.

I had an amazing weekend at the track and finally pushed car to a few new limits.  It was so great to be out there for a weekend and be able to feel completely at ease and like you belong.  I met some great new people and even co-existed peacefully with PK.  Very good weekend…until.  The potential didn’t show up and when I suggested that we get together after for drinks he blew me off.  That was my last straw and I am dropping him from my rotation.  The issue is that he was the only player in my rotation.

I did meet another nice guy but I think he is more of a networking person and just wants to meet connections.  I’m OK with that.  I can always use a new friend.

I have to admit I did tear up a little when I got blown off and it is still messing with me.  I blew off the gym tonight and now I am indulging in a non-junk food pity party.  Very strange for me.  I am allowing myself one night to wallow in my pity and then tomorrow I am getting back on track.

I have figured out that I am the platonic chick friend who can talk to guys about cars, out drive most of them and basically be everything they always say they want.  But then they decide it isn’t.  I am getting used to that role.  Oh well, I guess someone has to play it!




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