The Only Constant….

20 10 2010

Is change. 

As the thought of school finally being over gets closer and closer to reality, everyone is asking me what I am going to be doing with all of that free time.  I wonder if they actually know that after 10 years of school, I have learned to BS my way through and the actual studying that takes place in my house is very minimal. 

But, not having the weight of the schoolwork that I should be doing on me, will be something new. 

Right now I have the weight of something entirely different on my shoulders.  I just need to play the release game and let it all go.  Focus on what is going on in my little world and forget the other BS going on around me right now. 

Really, what I want to do is go run.  My training session got cancelled today so I think I am going to take a break from the gym and enjoy outside and go running at the house.  A change of scenery will do me good.  Also, I need to focus on the mechanics of my running and just work on adding to my distance.   Lately is seems the gym and working out are my escape from the things going on in my head.  It is the one hour of the day when I can forget everything strange going on and just focus on me.




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