Cloud 9 Feels Good

15 10 2010

Right now, besides for the complete lack of sleep that is slowing me, I feel great!  I might actually have to come up with a blog name for new guy other than new guy if last night was an indication of things to come.

I finally chicked up and just gave him my number and said use it or don’t.  Well he did and we emailed back and forth, texted, and finally called.  All in all, he ended up at the house around 10 and we hung out and had a few drinks and talked until about 1 and then he went home.  He was nothing but a perfect gentleman and I’m even more smitten now than I was before.  Best part, he’s onboard as well. 

I was open and honest about PK and that whole deal.  I knew if I wasn’t it could come back to bite me.  He seemed really cool about it.  I just know I need to do a little more to make him realize I like him for him not for what he does or has. 

Bring on the good times again!




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