How can I get out of my head

14 10 2010

Lately, I feel like I have been inside my head way too much.  Extroverts probably can’t understand that but introverts can probably relate.  I sit here in my thoughts when I should be working.  I start reading documents and then get lost in a thought.  This is the stage where I have so many thoughts in my head but I can’t formulate them into words. 

Things are going good with the new interest.  I finally got tired of playing the nice, sweet girl who would have waited forever for him to ask for my number or ask me out. I took matter into my own hands and led the conversation down the path.  The number is now in his phone and there are plans for a meeting.  Time to act my age and not like some 16 year old little school girl.  Plus, I really like this one so might as well just take a chance.  Jump off the cliff and the net will appear. 

So much in my head that I need to get out!!  Tonight will be a run session for sure.  It will help me.  Plus I am so sore from the trainer last night that I can’t do the row machine.  The stationary bike doesn’t do it for me, and the Eliptical hurts my knees at this point so I can’t do that. 

Oh well, lunch time here .




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