2 10 2010

I know a material object shouldn’t be credited with bringing you happiness but I have to admit, mein neues Auto has really helped me to be happy lately.

Because of it, I have been able to meet a whole new group of people who I am starting to feel are becoming friends. I have my car guy who has become a real friend to me.  I met 2 really nice women today who made me feel welcome and not so afraid to be at a male dominated event.  I have met a few other really nice guys who see me as a person and not some silly little girl.  I have also “met” PP who has become a great pen pal right now.  I actually met PP through eHarmony and turns out we run in the same circles.  Sure, I am interested in him but right now, we have a great email friendship blossoming.

This is a world, I have been scared to be a part of because of PK but now I feel like I have come into my own around here.  At this point, if I see PK out and about, I am not going to feel strange and like I am invading on his life.  This is my own life.




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