Outgrowing Friendships and other things clouding my head

30 09 2010

I was turning in my paper for my class last night when my phone rang.  I noticed it was one of my good friends but I hesitated a second to answer it. I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to talk to her at that moment.  Since I hadn’t spoken with her in over a week I went ahead and answered.

She was asking what I was doing and if I wanted to go to dinner with her.  I said yes, but the moment the yes slipped out of my mouth I started to regret it.  Not wanting to be the person who backs out at the last-minute, I went and honestly didn’t enjoy a minute of it.

I realized that she didn’t give a crap about what I was saying and when she wasn’t wanting to interrupt me to tell me how important she was, she was criticizing me and my choices.

I politely declined the appetizer order and told her that I was losing weight again and was going to just order the grilled fish and veggies.  She looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Immediately she asked why I was doing that.  I told her I was ready to get my life back and the weight has been holding me back so it was time.  I also freely shared that I am talking to someone and I would love to meet him but looking like this I was nervous.  This guy is the one who knows PK.  Well her immediate words were you sure you aren’t just doing this for PK since you know you will see him out too.  HELL NO!!  Can I not do anything for myself because it makes me feel better.

I get so tired of those friends who feel threatened by the good things in your life that they have to criticize and try to knock you down.  Then they just start going on and on about how great their life is. 

My friend Chris talked to me about it this week (he knows my other friend) and he even told me bluntly that the reason he doesn’t talk to her and ignores her is because she is fake and all about her and he doesn’t have time for it.  Amen to that!!!




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