Weight Loss Update – Week 2

28 09 2010

4 pounds down this week!

I weighed mid-week and it was 5 but I know I didn’t drink enough water this weekend and I think that caused some of it.  I was able to secure a one year membership to 24 Hour Fitness for $200 so starting tomorrow it is gym time! I have eaten our twice over the past week and I made a conscious decision to eat healthy when eating out.  Oh, I wanted to eat junk today but I skipped on the junk train heading out the office door and went to get a salad instead.

This week, the hard days are going to be the weekend.  There might be a lunch out some people from my online group and some of my friends are asking to go out this weekend for drinks.  Drinks = scary times.  I just have to remember to only have one drink and NO bar food!

Watching BL tonight….is it just me or do guys seem to have an easier time at first losing the weight? I know that I am looking forward to loosing 4 more pounds and getting into territory unseen on my scale in 4 years.




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