Break out the Long Sleeves!

26 09 2010

As the post yesterday shows, I spent the day doing only what I wanted and took a break from life outside my house.  Very much needed, let me tell you!  I got through 2 books, a movie, a few magazines, and got some well needed rest.

Today, I knew it was supposed to be nice outside but I honestly wasn’t prepared for it to be like this.  The house needed to be aired out and I figured I would go ahead and do it and just hang out in shorts and a t-shirt.  I froze my but off.  I had to pull out some of my long sleeve shirts to keep warm inside.  The sun is out, wind is blowing and it is just hit 70 outside in the sun.  Thank you autumn for getting here!  I am looking forward to sweaters and most importantly my boots!

Today, I have ventured out of the house to go to the grocery store but now I am back in the house doing a little cleaning, clothes washing and soon the dreaded school work.  However, because of the break I took yesterday I am more prepared for it.  I honestly had no idea how much electronic communication took out of me.




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