You Have My Permission

25 09 2010

Just for a day, to do nothing. Yes, the house is a mess, clothes need to be washed, groceries need to be purchased, school work needs to be done, but just for today, do none of it.

Go to your career meeting since it is already scheduled.  Afterwards, go to the bookstore and stock up on fiction and magazines.  Head home, read a magazine, take a nap, wake up, make lunch and go back to reading.  It really is a perfect day for it.  Cloudy, a little cool and quiet.  So quiet in the neighborhood that you can’t hear anyone talking or kids playing.  It is the perfect day to rest.

Get out of your head for a day and enjoy a good book or two.  Get wrapped up in someone else’s story and take a break from yours.  Don’t think about what is troubling you; don’t think about the what ifs and the twists and turns of life.  Just enjoy the day.

You have permission to not check email, in fact, just turn it off.  Same of all the social networking that causes more headache and heartbreak than happiness.  Just turn it all off.  Get out of everyone else’s lives and enjoy your bubble.  You deserve it.  Everything will be waiting for you, all of life’s trials and tribulations, when you return.

And so I did.




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