3x = brain hurt

22 09 2010

You would think that I would just compile all my thoughts and do one post a day.  Nope, I just post when the mood hits or when my brain starts hurting.

I am sure I have said it before or at least implied it but I am an introvert.  I mean a full blown, on a Briggs Myer, as far introvert as you can be.  I amaze my career counselor.

Anywho, right now, I am feeling the need to retreat away from friends and family.  Some think that is a bad thing, but for me it is how I avoid even more screwed up stuff going on in my head.

Right now, I am jealous of one of my friends.  I don’t feel like typing why but I know that the jealousy is not good and I need to get away from it.  I am also dealing with a little bit of rejection that I don’t do to good so I need to just chill on that.  Also, I think I had an ah-ha moment at work and realized a few things.  Interesting that the closer I get to my MBA, the less and less responsibility and the more and more micromanaging I get. At this rate, come December I might not even be qualified to answer a phone.

So, in attempts to get some me time and reboot, I will be spending my weekend completely alone.  Some might think that is punishment; me, I see it as a treat and a reward.  All I am doing this weekend, is homework and paper writing.  No unauthorized interwebs (just school and blog), no Facebook, no forums, no email (well I will check once a day MAYBE).  I am turning my phone on silent and ignoring any text message that gets through.  I need a technology break!!!




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