Always the friend

21 09 2010

Never the more than friend.

Well I blew off the date with obnoxious guy on Sunday.  Too many red flags and one episode of serious lack of consideration for my wishes and he was done.

The other guy, who I am still interested in is now in the buddy buddy stage that I am oh-so familiar with.  No interest in me apparently as a more than friend, but I can be the best buddy all day long.  This is so similiar to PK, it isn’t funny. It just drives me up the freaking wall. 

There comes times when I really just think about throwing in the towel on this whole dating thing, and saying F you world, I can be alone and be happy.  Then I can feel free to be who I want and do what I want and not be scared that what I enjoy in life is going to scare off someone.  I can stop wearing the cute uncomfortable shoes and outfits all the time and go back to my jeans, t-shirts, and Chucks and just be comfortable.

I swear sometimes I want to kill the male gender!!!!




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