Friday I’m In Love

17 09 2010

That Cure song is just playing in my head today and the perma-grin on my face will not go away.  While it sure isn’t love I am feeling, it is a great sense of like, interest, and giddy feelings!

This period, no matter how short, reminds me of the time right before my ex-husband and I got serious.  We had been out on a few dates, but I had decided that I was not going to limit myself tojust one person until I was sure that was the person I wanted to get serious about.  He and two others were my dating pool.  It made it so that I never gave any one of them too much suffocating attention and I always had something to do (and someone to buy dinner!). 

I decided to do that again.  No matter how much I like one person I am not going to get hung up on them and I am going to make myself date other people.  It seems to take a lot of the pressure off of me.  

I got some courage a few nights ago and emailed a guy who had an awesome hobby; he is a high performance driving instructor.  The old me would have ran from this guy because of PK (old boyfriend).  I knew that he and PK probably knew each other and that once freaked me out.  But that was 4 years ago and I am not going to let him ruin anything for me.  Turns out, this guy and I know a few more people (well I figured it out, he I don’t think has).  At this point, I don’t care.  I have enjoyed our conversations up to this point and I fell asleep with the biggest grin on my face.  Honestly, I haven’t felt this feeling since PK.  I have to say if anything it was nice talking to someone who I have so much in common with and having a new friend in a world that I want to enter but I am a little scared of.




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