Strange Dreams

15 09 2010

I am having the strangest dreams lately!!  Maybe I always have strange dreams but I have been remembering them alot more vividly now.  I think there is just a lot going on in my little head and I am using my dreams to sort it out.

I am really trying to think of all things positively now.  I mean I have so much that many don’t that it seem pathetic when I whine in my blog out my problems.  Case in point work.  While I genuinely dislike my job and feel like I am can contribute greater than I am allowed, I must look at the positive. I have a job, I get a paycheck and that paycheck covers my bills. Having little to do during the day allows me to do my studies at the office which allows me free time at night to do other things. 

Work is the only thing lately that truly upsets me, everything else is just questions about what I want to do.

I dont’ remember if I mentioned it in my last post but I decided to just let go and see what happens with the new guy and not think too much about it and to STOP LOOKING FOR FAULTS.  In a nutshell, I am throwing it up to God to deal with and I am just going to go with the flow…something I should do a lot more often in  my life. 

Is it time to go home yet?  🙂




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