Study Time

14 09 2010

So my work for the day at the office is done.  Sure, I have a few more things I could do, but if I did them today, I would have nothing to do.  Luckily I have gotten in the habit of bringing my school work with me so I can work on that and not completely waste a day surfing on the internet.

Iffy guy called last night and we had a pretty good conversation.  I decided to go out with him to Grapefest this weekend and just see what happens.  It isn’t like if I accept a date we have to get married or anything; it is just a date.

I heard on NPR about Pennsylvania Harrisburg University of Science and Technology doing a campus-wide social media ban and it got me thinking.  I wonder if I could realistically give up social media (excluding email) for a week.  Really, I would like to try for a month but honestly, I get a lot of news through Facebook.  Do I really need to read that news though?  Can’t I be just fine reading the news online through Google News or through the Wall Street Journal like I once did?   My only thought is what in the world would I do at work if I didn’t have Facebook to keep me company! Maybe I would get more homework done or spend time looking for a job that did not bore me to tears. 

I am up for the challenge and I guess I will see how long I last before I have to cave in!




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