34 years

6 09 2010

I have lived on this planet for 34 years (give a few days).  So far, 34 is no different than 33.  Tomorrow it is back to work after over a week off.  No part of me is looking forward to that.  I feel myself getting bored just thinking about it.  The only good thing is my study book for my Series 7 exam came in the mail while I was gone so now I can plan on studying in the afternoons at the office.  So even though I am sitting in a job with no growth potential I will be working on something to help me there and to help me get out of there.  I think it will also complement one of my school classes so it is a win win!

My week in Boston was great, I would have loved to do a few more things but my traveling companion and I didn’t always get along.  Oh well, I can always go back.  I was even able to meet up with an old friend who had moved up there last year.  We went out on my birthday so it was kind of like being with my girls minus 2 of them.  Of course, they made up for it last night.  Sushi and drinking, what could be better!  This morning I wasn’t thinking that but I forced myself to get up and be productive.  Got a ton done off of my ongoing check list and even got the menu planned and dinner cooking.

Menu planning is a ton of fun when you are on a very constrictive budget (she says with dripping sarcasm). I just see this bump in the budget road as a game. It needs to be done and the savings must be built up to recover the car downpayment.  I figure having the tight budget and being very frugal on the grocery and eating out budget will help with the weight loss goal as well.  Saving and losing at the same time, who would have thought.

Well again, another boring post but right now that is all I have in me.  Oh, the thoughts are there and working in my brain but right now I can’t get them on paper.




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