The new has been hit off.

20 08 2010

Well, it happened.  3 weeks after I have had the car, it got hit.  By a 16 year old backing out of a parking place.  Needless to say, I wasn’t happy.  But at least it was a small incident.  Baby is going to the shop next week and should be back to normal the week after.

But, I forgot who I was (sorry grandma).  I forgot that I come from 2 generations of body shop experience.  So, I have decided to let it sit in the sun tomorrow and see if I can’t pop the bumper out tomorrow and glaze out some of the scratches.  It will still need to be repainted I think and I am not sure the bumper is salvageable due to one crease but we shall see. I am just worried that since it is a 3 week old car with a body style change that the bumper will not be available for it yet.  I am doing the work just in case they have to order the bumper from Germany and I have to drive it around a few weeks to a month.   😦




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