Thank goodness,the return of stress

20 08 2010

This is the last weekend before the last semester.  Starting next Monday, I start back up to school and can be overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and worried for 3 and a half more months…and I couldn’t be happier about that.  I realized that going 90 miles an hour and then taking a sudden stop for two weeks isn’t fun.  I have been bored constantly.

Because it is the last weekend of freedom, I plan to just go low key and do some stuff around the house that I know I will not have a chance to do for a while.  This afternoon, I am sneaking out of my full day of web surfing  work to go get the car washed, hang out with my friend up there and pick up a special present he got me. (I must say beer as a present is always a good thing, especially beer that we can’t get down in Texas).   After I leave there, I am off to get a hair cut, pick up food for her majesty the cat, and relax.  Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in, cleaning the house, getting ready for school to start by starting on my reading, working on the job search and menu planning again finally.  Sunday, very up in the air. I am thinking about going through all of the starred items in my reader and either acting on them or getting rid of them. 

It has been freaking hot outside around here and that is making me not want to cook, but I am starting to crave cooking again.  I think it is part of the whole “Fall hurry up and get here!” phase I seem to be in.  I am in the mood to cook one of those complicated all day recipes that I can get lost in. 

It is also about time for another Facebook break.  I have realized that with social media you can get too absorbed in the lives of others and put yours on the back burner…not cool.  So I think it is time to just let go and say enough is enough. 

Whoa, just got a streak of wanting to be productive so I guess I better not waste it since it happens so rarely at work anymore!




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