To Jump or Not to Jump…

13 08 2010

That is the question.

In my last few posts, I mentioned my growing dissatisfaction with my job.  How I just feel that I could be doing something better with my time and something to help me grow.  Coffee getting (which happened again today) and delivering mail are skills that are a little below my ump-teen years of education and are going to do nothing to help pay off the mountain of student loan debt that is facing me come December.

Today I browsed Monster in hopes of finding something that sounded interesting to me.  OH.MY.FREAKING.WORD!

Pause for a back story….Did you know I am the 4th generation of my family to be in a undisclosed franchised business that deals with making woman pretty and fun colors? Yep, I am.  I have been doing it off and on for family and other owners since I was 7.  I can sell a tube of lipstick withthe best of them let me tell ya!

So back to story….I came across a job, based here, for basically franchise support for said franchised business for all of East Texas.  Holy blush batman!!  Not only do I know half of the peopole this job supports, I know all the products, the sales strategy, the marketing plans, and even the person who retired from this job and who is now filling in while they find a replacement.  You do know that if I apply to this job I am pretty much secured this job?  I called my mom about it earlier and asked her to feel out the person who is handling the job to see what he thinks.  Seeing as he is crazy about me, I think the next call will be to Home Office to keep an eye out for my resume when it comes in.  The only thing I have to do is convince them that I deserve the higher base salary.

I just need to consider now if I want to get back into the beauty world and if I want to travel 75% of the time.  The plus is I hate being stuck in an office and this would allow me to be out of an office and meeting new people.

What to do, What to do!!!




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