Break Time

10 08 2010

It’s over!!!  This semester is finally finished.  I snuck and did my last assignment at the office today.  Now I have 2 weeks to chill out and do me stuff.

A strange thing is happening though.  I apparently was seriously stressed.  I mean I knew I was because I have had the tension headache from hell these past few days and have survived only by popping Exedrine Migraine.  I also got a full blown case of the sniffles (for me about as sick as I usually get). So I knew I was wearing myself thin.  However, today once I hit the button on my assignment and sent it off, I lost it.  I mean I have been on the verge of tears since then.  I have had to go to the restroom twice just to cry.  I apparently have been holding back my emotion and stress for too long and now it just is rushing out.

I think tonight I am going to go run my errands and then do whatever the heck I want tonight.  While that will more than likely  be cleaning the house (at least the kitchen and living room) it will be what I want to do.  I am sure I will be crying the whole time but it will be because this semester is over.

I also realized today that I am starting my last semester of grad school in 2 weeks.  That means in 4 short months, this 8 year (of and on, 4 straight on) journey will be coming to an end.  I can apply to graduate next month and before I know it, this chapter will be over!!  That in and of itself could bring on the water works.




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