4 08 2010

First off, I am working on about 4 hours of good sleep here so I am not 100%.  This is all due to a last-minute concert I went to last night where I didn’t get home until about 1 this morning.  Needless to say I am tired.  Funny how if you really watch your moods you will learn what physical things set your mood for the day.  I know that if I am tired, hungry, or overwhelmed , those are my triggers for either a victim day, a sad day, or a mad day.  For that reason, I try to make sure that I am never too tired, hungry or overwhelmed.  And today…is a BIG. FAT. FAIL.

Tired and tried to get as much sleep as possible.  Hungry because of said sleep and running out of time to make breakfast (and nothing prepaid for emergencies on hand).  Overwhelmed…not so much but the lack of sleep is making me move REAL slow and I am having a hard time with my brain so it is making me feel overwhelmed. I hate to say caffeine might be the answer here, but it just might. Just something to get me moving. 

So I went to the concert last night and a few of my old friends were there.  These are the typical Facebook friends who were once friends in real life but who know consist of friendship through status post. It isn’t like these are people I barely knew way back when.  These are people who I spent, in one case 4 years every day with and the other 4 years and then 3 in college with.  It’s funny how you can exchange comments in FB  back and forth all day but when you mention, hey we are going to the same concert, we should hook up and say hi, the crickets start chirping.  Then come to find out one of  the “friends” was literally 4 rows in front of me in the next section!!  These are the Facebook Falsies.  The friend collectors, the collectors for potential future networking opportunities.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but really don’t start suggesting meeting up one day if that day never presents itself, and even when it did.  Just look at it for what it is, you’re a falsy. 

And yes, a lot of this is the lack of sleep talking but these are things that irk me about social networking.  We are more connected than ever but we are also more disconnected than ever.  These are things I am guilty of as well.  We IM and text more than we pick up a phone to call someone.  We keep up with more people than ever through social networking but yet we never really talk to them.  Of course, social networking has its perks and as a blogger I see them every day.  It allows you to connect with people all over who are like you.  I have seen quite a few blog friendships grow into true friendships.  Social networking helps you feel like you are not the only one out there who is going through certain things.  I love being able to read other people’s challenges with the same thing I am going through. I get motivation to continue on and I get idea of combating some of the issues I am facing.  So it has its place, but when you start only living in the internet world, you start having issues.  The only problem is, that everyone is living in the internet world and sometimes in order to connect you have to go into their world and dont’ expect them to come to yours.  Is any of this making sense or am I just rambling in a brain-dead state?

Anywho, I think I am going to start working to put a little more of the real world back into my life.  While I can’t give up blogging because it now serves as a journaling exercise for me, I can lessen the Facebook time, start picking up the phone and suggesting that my friends and I meet face to face, and I can start working on using up some of that pretty stationary that I have sitting around and write a few thank you cards and letters that are way overdue.  Time to break the digital bonds!




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