2 08 2010

How is it that I have a ton still to do yet I am bored.  Maybe it isn’t being bored, but lonely.  Not that I don’t love my life but it does get a little boring sitting at home alone all the time.  I feel like I want to go do something but it is too hot to do anything outside.  That pretty much means I am stuck at home.

3 more weeks till vacation!!  Maybe that is what I am craving; a change of scenery and a break from school and work.  Of course, school will be back in session so I will have to study some but I have already planned a day to sit and do all my work and just get it done.  I am going to try to go study at a special place that will make me feel super smart.  But, I  must go and get a student ID at school before I go.  That I need to add to the list of to do things.  MUST DO THIS!! Oh, and contact smarty school and see if their visiting student rule applies to any university student.  If 5 years in grad school have taught me anything, it is that I can BS my way into anything.

Ah, BORED!!!!




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