The Cure

27 07 2010

I finally had to say enough today.  I left work to come home and do school work.  It was just what I needed.  I am closer but no where near where I need to be.

I did go to dinner with a friend tonight and while I had a good time, I am not sure it was where I wanted to be.  It’s strange to say but I am not sure I had the best time I could have.  I probably wasn’t ready to be back around friends…either that or back around these particular friends.

Do you ever feel like you are so full of stuff that you just need to let go of some of it?  I am not talking about the to do list, the obligations or the junk cluttering your life.  I am talking about the emotions that you are carrying.  Sometimes I fill like my emotional tank is on full (and not in a good way).  I have to get it out either by crying or by yelling.  Tonight I am too spent to yell.  I think a good cry is what I need.  Now, what can I do to cry?  It’s crazy I know but I swear after I feel so much better. I think of it as a big sneeze for my eyes and my soul.  The key is to find something that gets it out but doesn’t completely make me sad.

In a completely unrelated thought, does anyone else watch Covert Affairs on USA?  As an old Alias addict, I am starting to really enjoy it.  It isn’t as over the top as Alias but it is a good hour of escape.




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