Weekly To Do List

26 07 2010

I am the QUEEN of the to do list.  I get like a little kid who gets gratification from crossing things off the list.  It is the need to please the paper I guess since no one else is here to give me the constant praise I so richly deserve!  I joke of course but this girl loves her lists.  Whether it is my weekly menu (on hiatus until this semester is over), my work list, or my house chores, I can rock a list.

So in attempts to figure out what all I have to do this next, I shall make a list.

1.  PE paper – tonight – DONE!

2.  Discussion due – tonight – DONE!

3.  primary article post – Wednesday

4.  Quiz due – Friday

5.  Simulation – Friday

6.  Secondary post – Saturday

7. CEW due – Sunday

8. Simulation – Monday

9. Quiz – Monday

10.  Discussion – Monday

That gets me through the week on school work. But I can’t forget the work projects going on.   Time to take a deep breath and dig in!

Update:  I am done.  I can’t think anymore.  I feel like Elle Woods when she says she is comfortable using legal jargon in every day life. If I don’t stop, I will be telling the cat about market integration and take over strategies.  My only fear is that she will take them to heart and attempt a hostile takeover of the house in the middle of the night.  Oh geez, someone needs sleep.




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