Back to Life…

25 07 2010

Back to reality.  That is exactly what it feels like right now.  That or Reality Bites.  I still have so much school work to do it isn’t even funny.  I am past the crying stage and now at the laughing stage. I need a break from school..BAD.  I know I am so close to the finish line but I am honestly not sure I am going to make it.

This weekend was full of trying to do school work and spending time enjoying the new car!!  I got woken up on Saturday with a call from my favorite car guy asking if I had checked my email.  I was out of bed and running to the computer in no time and was greeted by this picture!

Wrapped up like a Christmas present!  It is now in the garage after getting 100 miles on it yesterday and I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow just so I can drive it.  It’s the little things, let me tell ya.

Other than that, I have been basically laying low.  I haven’t had any friend time and I am OK with that.  I am sure I will see them soon but really, I am not rushing to hang out.  It’s the loner in me coming out I guess.

OH!!!  So does anyone use their personal Facebook account for business networking?  Sure, I keep a few of my close clients on my friend list and a few co-workers.  But these are people who have become personal friends.  I never do work networking or marketing to them on FB.  I use Linkedin for that.  I got an email today from a high school friend and thought it was strange.  So when I opened it, it was a solicitation for a MLM scheme.  Give me a freaking break!!!  Dude, FB is for FUN not for trying to get someone in your pyramid.   NEXT.




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