Dude, Where’s My Car??

19 07 2010

You have no idea how much I have wanted to use that line in my emails to my car guy. Day 7 of the car being stuck in jail  aka The Houston Port.  Rumor in the yard is  it will be busted out either later today or tomorrow.  Of course rumor last week was either Thursday or Friday of last week.  I say it will come up for parole when it comes up and I have stopped obsessing about it.

Talk about a productive weekend!!  I all but two items on my inside list of about 15 things to do, remembered to pay the HOA dues, washed the car, mowed the front and back yard in 98 degree weather (that wasn’t my brightest momnent but it had to be done) and planned my menu.  On the menu after it was planned and food purchased, I realized that I was heading to the parentals tonight to dog sit so I now have shrimp that I had to throw in the freezer this morning so it wouldn’t go bad.

The only downside of this weekend was having a friend completely stand me up.  Friday night, she IM’ed me and suggested we get together for lunch on Saturday.  I pretty much didn’t start any projects on Saturday because I was waiting for her to call and be ready to meet up.  She never called. She JUST NOW finally IM’ed me only after I asked her what was up  I might flake and change my mind but I always give advanced warning.  That kind of upset me a little but I didnt’ let it ruin a good weekend.




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